Thursday, December 25, 2008

Native Trees Used In Landscaping

Native Plants,trees and shrubs are making a statement of their own again in the landscaping and nursery industry.Landscape Contractors and Architectures commonly used the flowering trees like the Pink Kwanzan Cherry and the fast growing Shade Trees like the Legacy Sugar Maple in landscapes for decades past.Now,the Business and homeowner are both noticing there's a more exotic side of landscaping with rare and native trees and shrubs.

We have noticed that our region we sell to alot is East Coast buyers,New York and Jersey mainly going back to the native trees and shrubs instead of the bright,flashy and fragrant shade,flowering,evergreen and ornamental trees.Developers and Homeowners a-like are wanting something no one else has.That's easy when you go to a native wholesale plant source.

Always check with your wholesale nursery grower to provide you with accurate information,reasonable prices,disease free trees and speciman quality.Most retail outlets that sells trees used "park grade" (#2 quality) and charges 9 times over the price of wholesale nursery growers.With a grower,you will get more bang for your buck.Nicer,straighter trees,state certified to be disease free and they will be alive when you get them planted.

Hope this helps anyone or someone... wholesale nursery tree source

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